EILF has four main pillars which guide our work. Each of our projects helps us to achieving our goal of improving liver health and enabling people to live healthy lives. You can search more resources related to each Pillar here.

We invite anyone interested in making a difference in liver health to support our efforts.

EILF – EASL Fellowships

Nurturing future leaders in hepatology and liver health

We are committed to supporting the next generation of leaders as we strive to improve liver health around the globe. The EASL – EILF Fellowships provide opportunities for talented individuals to excel, advance, network, and become key members of the vibrant global hepatology community. Our Fellowships provide a wide range of opportunities to suit your career stage, from PhD and post-doctoral education to short term training support.


Accelerating efforts to achieve the 2030 viral hepatitis elimination goal #NOhep

At EILF we’re committed to the global goal of eliminating viral hepatitis by 2030. EILF works with a wide range of partners, from national governments and civil society organisations to academic institution and the private sector to find new and innovative ways to accelerate the elimination of viral hepatitis.


Establishing global collaborations and partnerships to raise the profile of liver health

Despite affecting close to 2 billion people globally, NAFLD is largely unknown amongst the general public, policymakers and even healthcare professionals, leading it to be termed a silent epidemic.

EILF is working with experts from around the world to raise the profile of NAFLD to ensure this silent health crisis is given the attention it requires.


Advancing knowledge to improve liver health around the globe

Research is the foundation for advancing knowledge and EILF is proud to support a range of exciting research programmes which we hope will positively impact the lives of millions of people around the world.

One of the most existing projects EILF is engaged in is aimed at developing the world’s first bioengineered liver. EILF is supporting the Consortium for Regenerative Hepatology in this work, which if successful will have life changing benefits for millions of people currently awaiting a liver transplant.

We are also actively involved in research on viral hepatitis, NAFLD and other areas of liver health, see more here.

Interested in collaborating with us, or simply learning more about what we do? Please get in touch!