Alongside organisations around the globe, EILF is marking International #NASHDay on June 10. We have had a busy past 12 months since the last #NASHDay, here are a few highlights!

1. EIU collaboration in Asia, Latin America and the Middle East

We concluded our collaboration with the Economist Intelligence Unit in Asia Latin America and the Middle East. Check out our Twitter where we’ll be sharing clips from the report launch throughout the day.  You can also see the full report here. 

2. Wilton Park Dialogues

With Wilton Park, a global forum for strategic discussion, we bought together thought-leaders, healthcare providers, industry executives and high-level government decision-makers from 24 countries, covering all global regions. We also held a series of roundtable discussions on how to design comprehensive models of care for NAFLD and NASH. Explore the Wilton Park report here. 

4. NAFLD Consensus Statement

In early 2021 we started work on the NAFLD Consueus Statement, bringing together over 200 experts from around the globe to agree on what actions are required to advance the NAFLD agenda. The consensus statement will be published in late 2021 and will provide a foundation for developing the NAFLD public health roadmap.

4. Fostering collaborations, new and old

Over the past years, EILF has collaborated with over 500 individuals and organisations. We thank everybody who has given their time, energy and expertise to support our goal of making NAFLD a public health priority.