The EASL International Liver Foundation will drive funding to a wide range of initiatives in Research & Development, Education and Public Awareness.

In a keynote speech, at the International Liver Congress in Amsterdam world-renowned hepatologist, Professor Massimo Colombo launched the EASL International Liver Foundation. The audience of over 8,000 professionals heard how the Foundation will fund and support innovative research, nurture the new generation of liver scientists and mobilize the necessary knowledge and best practices in liver health. The Foundation will deliver dedicated fund-raising and strategic assistance for scientists, clinicians and educators around the world. Beyond that, it is building partnerships and driving collaboration with patients, civil society, governments and the private sector.

Established in Geneva, Switzerland the Foundation is now actively fundraising and supporting projects. “The more money we raise, the more we can help people turn science into doing.” Said Foundation CEO, Stefano Gnes. He continued. “We invite anyone interested in making a difference in liver health to join us and support our efforts.”

Initiatives include: The micro-elimination of HCV; the development of large scale public awareness campaigns around screening and prevention of liver disease;fostering an evidence-based approach in the assessment of hepatic risks associated with occupational & environmental exposures and educational outreach and capacity building activities  All current and future initiatives aim to deliver on the Foundation’s mission statement: “Everyone deserves a healthy liver”.

Professor Colombo summarized the goals of the Foundation “We will measure the Foundation’s success not simply in financial terms, but in the number of innovations, ideas and initiatives it brings to life.”

“We believe that the Foundation will succeed in achieving its goals as it can rely on the strong commitment of EASL members towards science and education, and the generous support of all who believe in the power of mankind”.

Prof. Massimo Colombo, Chairman of the Foundation

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