Prof. Wedemeyer will speak at the 4th edition of the Positive Economy Forum to be held from March 30 and 31, 2017 in San Patrignano, Italy. The Movement for a Positive Economy promotes an economy that reorients capitalism towards long-term challenges and aims at restoring long-term thinking in all types of decisions.

Since 2012, the Movement has spread through a series of actions, such as the ‘Towards A Positive Economy’ report delivered to French President François Hollande in September 2013. The report outlined a number of proposals, which today have led to the development of the Index of Positivity of the Economy, aiming at evaluating States and companies, taking into account their positive impact on the society and on the environment.

The 3rd edition of Positive Economy Forum San Patrignano proved highly successful and exceeded all expectations. The event gathered around 1,500 participants, 50 renowned Italian and international speakers and received broad media coverage. The two-day discussions, reflections and experience sharing were particularly exciting and beneficial to all, combined various formats and addressed fundamental topics for future generations such as the challenges related to the new technologies, the future of Universities, the role of culture and art, international security and peace, implementation of new measures of performance, new kind of investments.

The 4th edition of the Forum will be an opportunity to address fundamental general topics in relation to the positive economy and a moment to highlight specific and dedicated topical issues directly related to the community.

Prof. Wedemeyer will deliver a speech in the ‘POSITIVE HEALTH’ round table: Research and innovation are achieving outstanding results enhancing life span and quality. How is it possible to ensure wide access to new medicaments against diseases? to be held on 31st March 2017 at 2.30pm acting as one of the Positive Economy ambassadors.

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The provisional program is subject to change.