The First investigator meeting for the NAFLD Policy Review will take place in Rome on November 10th 2017. The purpose of the study is to:

  • Evaluate the extent to which European Union member countries have key policies in place to address NAFLD/NASH;
  • Raise awareness about NAFLD/NASH through the NASH-Policy review study process/meetings and dissemination of its results at national and international meetings and in journals and other public relations and media activities.

Initial Confirmed study group attendees include:

  • Quentin Anstee
  • Massimo Colombo
  • Helena Cortez-Pinto
  • Jeffrey Lazarus
  • Vlad Ratziu
  • Frank Tacke

The preliminary results of the study are to be presented at an invitation only meeting in Pairs in conjunction with the EASL International Liver Congress.

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