Brian O’Mahony, Chief Executive of the Irish Hemophilia Society gave a powerful presentation at the “Towards viral hepatitis elimination: An update on taking the micro-elimination path” meeting that EILF held earlier this year at the EASL International Liver Congress, making the point that “patients aren’t dying from haemophilia, they are dying from hepatitis C”.

As part of the EILF’s collaboration with the European Hemophilia Consortium, Prof. Massimo Colombo, EILF Chairman, who started his career studying and treating viral hepatitis in hemophilia, led a session on viral hepatitis elimination at the EHC Leadership Conference, ensuring that it remains at the forefront of the agenda.

The EHC Leadership Conference, held in Brussels on 8 June 2018, brought together leaders of the rare bleeding disorders community from across 45 European countries to exchange experiences, best practices, participate in interactive trainings and align policy on the key challenges facing the European haemophilia community.