Today, Friday June 12th, is International #NASHDay which is our chance to raise the profile of NAFLD and NASH. 

This year, EILF is marking the day with a number of awareness-raising publications and activities. 

In Nature Reviews Gastroenterology and Hepatology, an expert group convened by EILF set out what those in the liver health community and beyond need to do to move the dial on NAFLD, from finding more integrated and collaborative ways of working with others in public health, to engaging beyond the health sector.  

In BMJ Opinion, we also look ahead to the long-term COVID-19 recovery and envisage a new, better future for NAFLD and all non-communicable diseases, which centres on uniting around common gaols, finding innovate solutions and amplify their collective voices. 

To mark the day, we will also be kicking off a series of regional workshops with the Economist Intelligence Unit, you can read more about this and our activities here.  

Throughout the day we will be engaging on Twitter using the hashtag #NASHDay, you can follow us here, we’d love to hear what you are doing to mark  #NASHDay 2020!