A Message from Massimo Colombo, EILF Chairman & Phil Newsome, EASL Secretary-General

Since its establishment by EASL in 2016, the EASL International Liver Foundation (EILF) has actively pursued its mission to increase the quality of life and reduce premature mortality for the greatest number of people by improving liver health. Guided by its four programme pillars; viral hepatitis, education, public awareness, and research, EILF has built a varied portfolio of projects and activities around the world. At the core of EILF’s work are its partners and collaborators, and over its first four years, the Foundation has established a vibrant global network of individuals and organisations.

As EILF approaches its fifth anniversary, 2020 was an ideal time to reflect on the successes and challenges and to shape a vision for how EILF will bring value to the liver health community in the years to come. During the past year, the global health landscape has changed immeasurably. Beyond the human and economic impact of COVID-19, the pandemic will undoubtedly have lasting implications on global health funding and philanthropy. The EILF Board, supported by the EASL Governing Board, have outlined several operational and strategic changes that will enable EILF to remain at the forefront of the liver health community in the years to come.

One of the most significant changes is the formation of a new Fundraising Committee. Officially established in early 2021, the Committee, chaired by Prof. Frank Lammert, is comprised of five experts in liver health, finance, and philanthropy. In addition to raising funds, the Committee will seek to establish strategic partnerships within and beyond the liver health community reinforcing EILF’s position as a leading philanthropic organisation dedicated to supporting liver health worldwide. We are grateful for the Fundraising Committee’s support in facilitating the growth of EILF.

A second important change also implemented in January 2021, is the management of the EASL Fellowships which will transition to EILF. The newly branded EILF-EASL Fellowship Programme will continue to provide opportunities for talented individuals to excel, advance, network, and become key members of the vibrant global hepatology community. Fellows will continue to have access to EASL’s world-leading community, while also having the opportunity to leverage EILF’s global network.

Finally, fulfilling its international role, EILF will focus on developing more programmes outside of Europe to better serve the most vulnerable populations.

For EILF, and the global health community at large, 2021 will be a period of transition that will no doubt strengthen its positioning as a global liver major player. During this time, we look forward to further build up existing collaborations while forging new relationships.

We thank our partners for their support over the past five years and look forward to another five years of promoting liver health for all.


Massimo Colombo                                                                                              Phil Newsome

Chairman, EASL International Liver Foundation                                       Secretary-General, EASL


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