NAFLD, a fatty liver disease, is the most prevalent liver condition in history, affecting an estimated 2
billion people globally. Yet, despite affecting a significant proportion of the global population, a
comprehensive public health response to this challenge has been lacking.

In 2018 EILF started commenced a study to understand the public heath response to NAFLD in
Europe. The findings of this work were recently published in the Journal of Hepatology, you can
access the paper open access here.

The study documented the absence of comprehensive national strategies and actions plans to
address NAFLD and highlighted the urgent need for attention to be given to this pressing public
health challenge.

NAFLD is a global challenge, and in early 2020 EILF started work to replicate the study globally. We
are engaging NAFLD expert’s around the world to document national responses. The results of this
work will guide future public health policy efforts on NAFLD and will provide a baseline for
measuring progress.

We look forward to sharing the findings of the global study later in 2020.