Concerted, collaborative action across medical specialities, industry sectors and
governments is the only way we will be able to tackling the public health crisis of NAFLD.

One of EILF’s priorities is to place NAFLD on the radars of policy makers, research funders
and global health experts. To achieve this, we have a number of initiatives aimed at
initiating and sustaining a dialogue around NAFLD with a wide range of stakeholders.

EILF is partnering with a number of leading think-thanks to hold roundtable discussions and
high-level policy events which bring experts, thought leaders, practitioners, industry
executives and high-level government officials together for solution-oriented dialogues.
NAFLD is a truly global challenge and will require a connected global response, for this
reason our events will be taking all around the world, in Europe, North and Latin America,
Asia and the Middle East.

Through this work we hope to support the development and delivery of a compressive
global response to NAFLD.

We will be sharing the outcomes of these dialogues with you later in the year, make sure to
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