NAFLD affects an estimated 2 billion people globally, yet it is a little-known condition. We are working to Sound the Alarm on this Silent Epidemic and ensure that NAFLD is on the radar of policy-makers, healthcare professionals, research funders and the general public. 

We are also advancing the NAFLD public health agenda through research and thought leadership that aims to address critical knowledge gaps and provide direction on how to prevent NAFLD and improve care for people with the disease. 

To address NAFLD, concerted, collaborative action between medical specialities and across sectors is needed. This means overcoming the siloed ways in which organisations and sectors often work. We are facilitating new, more collaborative ways of working by engaging across medical specialisations and sectors and providing platforms for solution-oriented dialogue.  

We recognise that to be successful, affected populations must be involved in shaping and guiding our work. We are therefore engaging and supporting the NAFLD community by ensuring that patients and patients groups are well represented and always have a seat at the table.  

Our plans for 2020


Exploring NAFLD in Asia, Latin America and the Middle East with the Economist Intelligence Unit 

NAFLD is a truly global challenge and will require a connected global response. EILF is partnering with the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) to hold a series of workshops on NAFLD in Asia, Latin America and the Middle East. The series will bring together leading experts from each region and will kick off on June 12th, International #NASHDay. Over three months the expert panels will explore the opportunities and challenges for addressing NAFLD in their region, from improving care for affected populations to integrating NAFLD into broader public health policy. The findings will be published in regional summaries and a global report, set to be released in November 2020.    


Redefining care for people with NAFLD and NASH

Little attention has been given to how people with NAFLD are cared for and the development of integrated clinical pathways. We are currently leading a process which aims to redefine care for people with NAFLD. As part of this process, we are conducting a systematic review of NAFLD models of care and will be publishing a call to action on improving care for people with NAFLD and NASH. On June 16th we will hold a virtual expert roundtable in partnership with Wilton Park. Models of care will also form an important part of the discussions during the EIU regional workshops. Together with partners, we will publish the findings of this work and the expert roundtable later in the year.


Putting NAFLD at the heart of sustainable development

A major barrier to developing and delivering a holistic response to NAFLD is the lack of awareness amongst stakeholders across different sectors and disciplines about their role in addressing this public health challenge. To overcome the current siloed ways of working we must identify common goals and points of convergence where different sectors and disciplines can collaborate and amplify the collective impact of our work. We are currently using the Sustainable Development Goals as a framework to understand the role of different sectors in addressing NAFLD. Through this multidisciplinary, international project we aim to contribute to the development of a global policy framework that can guide multisectoral action to address NAFLD. 


Wilton Park NAFLD dialogue: connecting the dots

In December 2020 EILF and Wilton Park will hold the first in a series of high-level policy events, bringing thought-leaders, healthcare practitioners, industry executives and high-level government officials together for solution-oriented dialogue. The first event will be followed up with a second to be held in the Americas in Spring 2021. This series will bring together the various aspects of our work to connect the dots and build a broad consensus on what is needed to deliver significant and sustained impact on NAFLD globally.   


A long-term agenda beyond 2020 

At EILF we recognise that addressing NAFLD is a long-term agenda and that we will need to have structures in place that guide this movement and allow us to build and sustain momentum. With this in mind, EILF is working with experts and leading organisations from across the public health and development space to build a coalition which can steward this process and drive the agenda. 


We look forward to sharing more details on this in the latter part of 2020.