EASL International Liver Foundation joined forces with San Patrignano, Europe’s largest drug rehabilitation community, to hold a one-day Viral Hepatitis Elimination in PWID: A Roadmap to Elimination in Italy workshop on 10 October 2018 in Rimini, Italy.
Italy is making significant strides with its viral hepatitis strategy and is one of the 12 countries on track to eliminate viral hepatitis as a public health threat by 2030. This workshop sought to accelerate progress towards national elimination by providing the platform to identify and champion the conditions necessary to fast-track viral hepatitis elimination among people at highest risk of acquiring and transmitting the virus; people who inject drugs (PWID).
The workshop brought together leading experts in viral hepatitis, the drug treatment community and key stakeholders such as government officials, industry representatives, civil society organisations and scientific societies. The programme, presented by international and local experts, provided the latest updates on viral hepatitis treatment in PWID while providing participants with the unique opportunity to network and exchange experiences and ideas for viral hepatitis elimination among PWID in Italy.
Bringing the stakeholders together, this workshop aimed to not only kick-start the call to action for viral hepatitis elimination among PWID in Italy but to also set the foundations for the generation of a roadmap for elimination.
The workshop took place in the San Patrignano rehabilitation community, Rimini, Italy and was accredited by the Italian Ministry of Health Italian Ministry of Health for 6 CME Credits (ID. N. 150-234009).