Maria Grazia Mazzocchi is a philosopher and a journalist who brings a wealth of experience to the EILF Board.

In 1982, she founded Domus Academy, an international post graduate school of design that draws students from all over the world, which she continued to manage for 27 years. Maria Grazia spent ten years as editor of Domus magazine and worked in the political monthly journal ‘Il mondo nuovo’ (‘the new world’), she has written many articles on Italian design and had edited several books on civil rights subjects

For ten years Maria Grazia was president of Tiberghien, a company producing wool fabrics in Verona. She has also been president of the Milan Conservatorio of music. In 2016 she founded MuseoCity, a no profit art association, which dialogues with hundreds of Italian museums; she remains chairman of association.

In the eighties Maria Grazia also founded the first autonomous Hospice in Italy for palliative care.

In addition to her wealth of knowledge and expertise, Maria Grazia also brings her experiences as a liver transplant recipient to the EILF board.