Prof Jeffrey V. Lazarus heads the health systems team at the Barcelona Institute of Global Health (ISGlobal), Hospital Clínic, University of Barcelona and an associate professor at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Barcelona, Spain.

His decade long career as a health systems, HIV and hepatitis expert at WHO’s Regional Office for Europe was followed by three years at the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, where he led the knowledge translation team, and then 7 years at the WHO Collaborating Centre on HIV and Viral Hepatitis, in Copenhagen.

He is the past director of Health Systems Global and former board chair of the foundation AFEW International. While at WHO, Prof Lazarus cofounded the multistakeholder HIV in Europe Initiative (now EuroTest), where he still sits on the steering committee and hosted the first World Hepatitis Day.

He currently serves as the founding co-chair of the HIV Outcomes Beyond Viral Suppression coalition, a member of the INHSU international educational committee and the Spanish viral hepatitis alliance, and as a working group chair of the EASL-Lancet European Liver Commission.

He is the author of more than 200 publications including the Lancet Gastro Hep Viral Hepatitis Commission and COVID-SCORE, and serves on the editorial board of HIV Medicine, the International Journal of Drug Policy and the Journal of Hepatology. He is chair of the Lancet HIV Fourth 90 commission, and leads the global NAFLD policy review, the HBV COMSAVA study, the Copenhagen HCV T’nT Study and various HCV micro-elimination efforts as well as being a co-investigator of INTE-Africa, a European Commission funded cluster RCT in Tanzania and Uganda. #NOhep #NoNASH